Blog: 1 U.S Constution and Its 27 Amendments

constThe U.S. Constitution has 4,400 words. It is the oldest and shortest written Constitution of any major government in the world. Even though, there are 27 actually ratified amendments in the Constitution, there are four that seem most significant to me. I find Amendments 13, 16, 22, and the 25th to be the most important out of the 27 administered. A Constitution without these four Amendments would be highly disorderly.

    The first Amendment with high significance is obviously abolition of slavery (13). This Amendment was passed in 1865 and was a revolutionary change in the way society acted. Before this, slavery was protected in the original Constitution by clauses like the Three-Fifths Compromise.  This Amendment put an end to one of the worlds most difficult acts in racism to this day. Slaves had been taken away from their families and treated like animals. With this Amendment slaves were finally given rights to live like human beings.

    The second Amendment extremely important to our Constitution would be number 16. The U.S. could only collect taxes based on how much income is made by each citizen. With this, the poor people wont have to pay as much as rich people because their lifestyles and spending choices are so different. Those who make a lot of money are taxed more than those who make less money because they have more to give. This keeps our community fair and gives other opportunities to make money in the end.

    The third Amendment that deserves direct attention would be number 22. Its function is to set a limit on the number of time a President could be elected. Their allowed two- four year terms. With this restriction, our country can keep a consistent method of ideas flowing. Our society wouldn’t have to be set on the same ideas for too long of a time period. This also gives those elected a fair opportunity to serve their duties.  

    My fourth and final amendment is number 25. This amendment states that “shall a President resign or decease, the Vice President then will take his or her place. This gives a fair chance in which the situation occurs there’s a formal and a selected back up plan. We prepare for future possibilities and everyone agrees on the circumstance decisions once they occur.  

    I feel that we should add a few more amendments regarding social media and what is released, exposed, and extracted. There are many TV shows, websites, and social media sites in which young children have easy access to that can be inappropriate. There should be more restrictions on what is released now a days . If I could institute a 28th amendment, I would make it regarding electronic GPS’s and surveillance on mobile devices. The would be restrictions on what is monitored and people would be given more privacy. The link below supports my claim. 


4 thoughts on “Blog: 1 U.S Constution and Its 27 Amendments

  1. I admire your choice for a 28th amendment. Having a restriction on social media for children would be great, but I also believe this should be an age limitation because as adults you have more right and freedom. Over all, this amendment would create a safer and better society and I couldn’t agree more with you.


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