Innocent Victum Gets the Beatdown By A Hammer ?

As of Sunday, two juvenile’s at the ages of 15 and 16 were taken into custody due to age 32 Zemir Begic and his injury’s caused by them. The alleged victum was reported to be traveling in his vehicle when several juveniles approached his vehicle and began damaging it. The incentive at this point is the big question.  Begic then exited his vehicle and the teens began yelling at the Begic and striking him with hammers. According to the police, Zemir suffered injuries to the head, abdomen, face and mouth. By the time the police arrived he was unconscious and was taken to a near by hospital, where he was then pronounced dead.

The third Juvenile Turned himself into the police. The 17 year old was convicted of murder and charged with 1st degree murder. He was also given a charge with an armed criminal action. He is also being tried as an adult.

The police concluded that there was a dispute between Begic and the teens. Begic had entered his car and one of the attackers kicked his car. That’s when he exited the vehicle and the violent assaults took place. The assuclts first started verbally, yelling and harassment, then they started striking him with hammers to the head. Begic had been in the car with his fiancé and two others. All the witness watched the fight go down.

The other two suspects will be charged as adults or juveniles.

The violent death sparked a bright protest in their Bosnian community with partakers blocking off the traffic in their city as of  Sunday night. Demonstrators said the reasoning behind their protests were in response to recent violence in the neighborhood. In early November, a robbery occurred at their local Bosnian café and In the summer of 2013, a Bosnian store clerk was murdered. They fear their city is becoming increasingly violent and want to reach out to put an end to it. As of the night of the attack a large memorial of flowers and teddy bears is grow at the edge of the parking lot where Begic was killed. The incentive is the recognition of the innocent lives being lost for surreal reasons.

A St. Louis Police Chief, Sam Dotson, in response said:

“I want everybody to know I take your safety and everyone in the community’s safety very seriously.”  “I heard your message loud and clear. You want to make sure you are safe. I want to make sure you are safe in every neighborhood in our city.”

Dotson also made a claim that the Ferguson riots have created a response in his department. His workers and his greatest officers have been working 12 hour shifts and no days off, but he assured the crowd that the police will be there to protect the citizens.

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Due to the obscure outbreaks and violent attempts, the police are cracking down on security and protection to ensure safety in their city.

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