Routine Trip Goes Fatal:

A couple known as Mr. and Mrs. Kwok’s headed to China Town in New York City from their little Bronx home not knowing what the next few minutes would bring. Their journey consisted of a walk to the D train, and a waiting period on the platform before they’d be on their way. As of 8:45 the man disappeared  beneath the screeching downtown train. He was pushed to his death. The assailant (attacker) fled up the stairs and onto the street. Before Sunday’s attack, Mr. Kwok and his wife had been on their way to Chinatown, a weekend ritual for the couple.

There were no relations between the assailant and the victim. He was said to have preformed the act out of random. Investigators of the scene have come to believe as of late Sunday, that the attack was the sort that fears many New York City subway riders. Simply, yet scarily a random, purposeful and fatal shove at the platform’s edge by a stranger. An act done out of complete insanity, just for the fun of it.

The police released surveillance video of a man described by witnesses as the assailant. The video  shows the  “suspected” man exiting the station and riding a local bus. Then he stops by a store to smoke a cigarette. Even without surveillance video of the push though, the police said other evidence made it clear that Mr. Kwok, who last worked for a kitchen supply company, had not fallen on the tracks by accident or jumped into the path of the train. The conductor (or motorman)  of the Southbound D train told the detectives that he witnessed the push and tried to stop the train, but wasnt able to in time. he said the body just flew in front of the moving train, helplessly.

A home health aide, had been returning from work when her train stopped halfway into the station. She heard an announcement, but understood little of the English. As she climbed the stairs out of the station with the other passengers, a woman could be heard screaming and sobbing on the platform. When she returned home that night, she found out why.

Kwok’s wife was was unharmed, however she was taken to a nearby hospital after witnessing the incident. The fact of the matter is that this act was done out of fun. An act to kill someone was done just to do it. There isn’t any proof that the man was related/knew  the assailant. So there’s no proof it was a hate crime and they haven’t captured nor do they know who the man actually is. This crime has taken a toll on subway riders. They are on up stead awareness about riding the subway and their in fear of the possibilities when it comes to riding public transportation.

subway push3.jpg

This is the Kwok family. To the left is Mr. Kwok ( the victim ), their son in the middle, and to the right Mrs. Kwok. She witnessed the accident. The haven’t done any harm to the world, yet his life was taken.


images  This is the alleged assailant

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