A Messy Mess-Up:

One mess-up or seven intentions?  Our person of interest for the seven ( seeming to be connected ) murders of women in Indiana has been held in prison. The Indiana-born Vann has a past as a convicted sex offender from Austin, Texas however, he is not registered as a sex offender. He was convicted for aggravated rape in 2009 and spent the next five years in jail. He was released in 2013 and headed for Indiana. The court also obtains records of a breaking and entering attempt made by Vann.

Vann confessed to killing the 7 women and may be responsible for several other victims in Northwest Indiana dating back to the 1990’s. Van is 43 years of age and he claims to officer John Doughty the he had ” messed up” in committing the latest killing of Afrika Hardy. The police in Hammond we’re let to Vann after finding Hardy ( age 19 ) at a motel 6 on Friday October 17th. She had been strangled, according to the Lake County coroner’s office. Vann’s solicited scheme, through a website called Chicagobackpage.com is what lured her to him. The information regarding the Motel incident came from a friend of Hardy’s and phone numbers used to track down Vann. During a police interrogation, Vann allegedly admitted his actions in Hardy’s killing, and then led them to other several killings he took part of.

Vann led the police to three more killings in Gary. Among the victims were Aniths Jones (35), Teairra Batey (28), and Christine Williams (36). The “facilitator” allegedly the one who went to check on Hardy when she didn’t return home, found her body in the bath tub of the motel. Using a phone number provided by the facilitator, police electronically tracked Vann down. The police sent out for a search warrant Vann had driven to the motel, and to search his home. The search turned up similar clothing to the clothing worn by a man captured on surveillance video at the hotel, the same brand condoms found inside the room, and a cell phone that matched the description of Hardy’s.  As well as these three items, vann was wearing a shirt with a missing button. There was one button found inside the room where Hardy was killed. The shirt the police questioned Vann in had the same buttons, with one missing. The button in the room was a match.

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