Foreign Policy:


Foreign Policy is the government’s strategy in dealing with other nations. The approaches are strategically employed to interact with other countries. Thus, being called foreign policy analysis. U.S. foreign policy affects almost every aspect of our daily lives. Prices, jobs, the supply of gasoline, taxes, and the life and death of our nation’s soldiers are impacted by how we interact with the rest of the world.   Foreign policy is important because the world relies on others for economics and military support.

The goals of US Foreign policy consist of national security, free and open trade, world peace democratic government, and concern for humanity. Henery Kissinger was a key figure in articulating U.S. foreign policy. Americans think protecting the U.S. is most important because they want to focus more on challenges at home. I however feel that we should focus more on terrorist attacks and trade with other countries. We also should build our ally’s to help protect us when were in trouble. Our country on a whole should have a say on global matters, issues, and decisions. National interest, Democratic ideals, and Defense Department (originally War Dept) vs. State Department determine U.S. foreign policy. some facts that influence foreign policy are geography, military needs/power, economic needs/power, ethnic/cultural ties, and history.

The four phases of foreign policy are

  1. ISOLATIONISM (1789 – 1890s) Nonentanglement
  2. CONTINENTAL EXPANSION (1830 – 1890)Manifest Destiny
  3. THE COLD WAR (1945-1991) anti-communist
  4. IMPERIALISM (1890s to ….) Expanding U.S. Power, Land, Values around the world

Some foreign policy guidelines are:

  1. Humanitarian Relief: sending help to other countries to relieve suffering after a natural disaster or other tragedy
  2. Protecting Human Rights: using military force to protect people from having their human rights violated
  3. Stopping Aggression: using military force to protect other countries from attack by others
  4. Establishing Democracy: Intervening in other countries to help them develop democratic government
  5. National Security: taking action to protect US borders or US citizens against attack
  6. Economic Interests: getting involved in other countries to protect profiles of US businesses and resources US economy needs.
  7. Preserving World Peace: mediate disputes to solve international conflicts between others

Fundamentally, I believe the ultimate purpose of our foreign policy must be to protect the liberty of the United States. The American Revolution was fought to establish a nation of liberty. That liberty has been defended in many wars since that day and has enabled our people to increase steadily their material welfare and their spiritual freedom. To achieve that liberty we have gone to war, and to protect it we would go to war again. Overall, foreign policy is important in the decisions and courses of action used to solve problems.

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